Asbestos Awareness

It's a mandatory requirement of the HSE that anyone likely to be exposed to Asbestos completes asbestos awareness training. The contents of this course will be tailored around your area of business.

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Work With Non Licensed

Designed to complement our asbestos awareness training course. This course is ideal for those likely to come into contact with asbestos containing roof sheets, floor tiles, artex and other materials.

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Face Fit

A crucial and mandatory requirement for all those working with asbestos, ensuring that all breathing apparatus is correctly fitted and functional. Available as part of our Asbestos awareness training course.

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Asbestos Training News

New Mesothelioma treatment increases survival rate of asbestos victims.

There have been developments in revolutionary treatment against Mesothelioma cancer in Toronto. Mesothelioma is a lung cancer which is exclusively […]

Read full article Published Feb 20, 2015

HSE asbestos beware app deemed unsatisfactory.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) app was launched in October 2014 to increase awareness to asbestos and its dangers […]

Read full article Published Feb 18, 2015

Naturally occurring asbestos in Nevada

The naturally occurring, cancer causing mineral, asbestos has been found to exist naturally in Southern Nevada where carcinogenic mineral fibres […]

Read full article Published Feb 16, 2015