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Who are Armco Asbestos Training?

Armco Asbestos Training specialise in the provision of tailored, structured & professional asbestos training courses, which are delivered by qualified Asbestos Trainers.

We have a quality management system which complies to ISO 9001, and we are also affiliated members of The British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS).

Experienced Asbestos Trainers

Our Asbestos trainers have worked with asbestos for over 15 years as both Asbestos Surveyors, Trainers and Asbestos Removal Specialists.

We’re experienced with working with almost every type of asbestos containing material.

Armco Asbestos Training have worked with, trained and surveyed for everyone from major blue chip companies to small local businesses.

All of our asbestos training courses are expertly tailored to meet your business requirements. They can be either attended at our dedicated training facilities in Bury, Greater Manchester or onsite at your location.

Experienced and highly qualified Asbestos Trainers
Experienced and highly qualified Asbestos Trainers

Armco are proud IATP members

Armco Asbestos Training is a registered IATP asbestos training member.

This means we’re independently audited in order to prove our competence, to monitor the quality of our course content and to make sure we are in compliance with current government asbestos legislation when it comes to asbestos training.

You will find Armco Asbestos Training listed as Asbestos Trainers on the IATP website.

The aim of the IATP website is to offer a dynamic and interactive link between those seeking asbestos training and those providing it.

As we are listed as Asbestos Trainers on the IATP website, this means we have submitted all the necessary documentary evidence confirming our company’s compliance with the UK’s asbestos regulations.

This includes having independent external audits where necessary, which we conduct on an annual basis.

As IATP asbestos training members, we offer classroom based Asbestos Awareness Training which is for those people who do not work with asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) on a frequent basis, but do require training to enable them to identify ACM’s.

We also provide training for Non-Licensable Asbestos Work, which is specifically for workers who may carry out small works on asbestos containing materials.

For those who prefer to do e-learning, then we provide an online asbestos awareness course too, which you can complete anytime, anywhere, at your own convenience, making it a popular choice for many.

Get in touch with Armco Asbestos

Get in touch with us for all your Asbestos Awareness Training needs on 0161 763 3727 or fill in the contact form on this page and we’ll answer your query as soon as possible.

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