Face fit train the tester

Face Fit Train The Tester

You will need to complete a Face Fit Train the Tester course if you need to perform Qualitative face fit testing on RPE correctly, either in-house for your own staff and/or for other organisations.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recommends that all people involved in the selection, use, storage and maintenance (if required) of RPE require appropriate training.

Our Qualitative Train the Tester course is specifically for the use of disposable dust masks and half face masks only.

The course content will cover the following topics:-

Where can I do a face fit train the tester course?

You can undertake the ‘Face fit Train the Tester’ course at our training facility in Bury, Greater Manchester, or we can come to your company premises anywhere within the UK.

The course duration is half a day and costs £195 per person.

We can train people individually or a group of up to 6 delegates.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of training.

What are the course requirements?

Anyone is eligible to complete our Face Fit Train the Tester course.

You do not have to have completed any previous face fit testing course.

However, it is essential that you arrive clean shaven.

In guidance provided by the HSE, they document that the wearer of RPE needs to be clean shaven around the face seal to achieve an effective fit when using tight fitting facepieces.

Therefore, training is a good opportunity to make employees aware of this.

Anybody selecting, using or maintaining RPE should be competent.

You should be able to demonstrate this by reference to records of appropriate training, such as our Train the Tester course.

Fit2Fit Accredited Training Provider

We are fit2fit accredited by the BSIF (British Safety Industry Federation) in Qualitative fit testing.

This means we are trained and competent in performing facepiece fit testing.

Fit2fit accreditation also means we have passed an industry recognised examination and have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of HSE guidance on face fit testing.

Our Face Fit Train the Tester Training is carried out in accordance with all current legislation.

Face fit train the tester course in Bury
Face fit training course in Bury
Face fit train the tester - fit 2 fit accreditation

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