Licensed asbestos Contracts Manager refresher training

Licensed asbestos Contracts Manager refresher training

This IATP certified Licensed removal training for an asbestos contracts Manager is designed as a refresher course for experienced contracts Managers already working within the asbestos industry.

In order to do this refresher course, you must have previously completed the ‘Licensed asbestos contracts Manager’ training within the last 12 months, or already have completed an asbestos refresher course within the same timescale.

If it’s more than 12 months since you completed your Contracts Manager asbestos removal training, then unfortunately, you won’t be able to do the refresher course because of HSE regulations and will need to complete the contracts Manager asbestos removal training again.

So please make sure that you complete your refresher training before your certificate expires (which has a duration of 12 months).

An asbestos contracts Manager will need to complete annual refresher training
An asbestos contracts Manager will need to complete annual refresher training

Do I need refresher training for licensed asbestos removal?

It’s essential as an asbestos removal contracts Manager that you are fully aware of any changes that may occur within the UK regulations.

You must also ensure that yourself and workers adhere to best practices and new techniques that are being used in the industry.

Keeping your knowledge and training up to date as a Contracts Manager and making sure you and your co-workers stay safe whilst working on-site is a must when working with asbestos because of the health risks involved.

Therefore, by completing refresher training every 12 months as an asbestos Contracts Manager overseeing licensed asbestos removal, you will be ensuring that as well as adhering to the current health & safety asbestos regulations, you’ll also have the information required to protect yourself, supervisors and removal operatives you are working with.

Refresher course for asbestos contracts managers that follows HSE guidelines
Licensed asbestos removal refresher training in accordance with HSE legislation

What can I expect from the refresher training?

As Asbestos Trainers, we are independently audited and accredited by IATP, meaning we have proved competence and compliance with asbestos legislation.

The licensed asbestos removal training refresher for Contracts Managers lasts for one full day from 8.30am-4.30pm and is held at our training centre in Bury, Greater Manchester.

Cost per delegate is £145 plus VAT.

We can accommodate for up to 12 trainees and lunch is provided.

These training courses are held according to demand, so there are no set dates in place, meaning we are completely flexible and can fit in with your training requirements.

The course content and information for the Contracts Manager licensed asbestos removal training refresher comes from a variety of industry sources, including the HSE.

This means that the training content always remains fresh and in line with current legislation.

As part of the course, attendees are given a multiple choice test along with practical tests throughout (80% pass mark for both).

Upon successful completion of the course, candidates will receive a certificate which will be valid for 12 months from the date of the course.

After completion of the asbestos Contracts Manager refresher training, you will have further enhanced your working knowledge of asbestos, meaning you can continue to work safely and effectively managing construction projects in line with HSE asbestos regulations.

Onsite Asbestos Training

Can’t make it to one of our in-house refresher courses?  Then get in touch and we can arrange to come to your business premises, as long as there are more than a handful of delegates and we are given plenty of notice so we can fit you into our busy training schedule.

Please note, if we are required to travel to you to deliver training then mileage expenses will apply and perhaps additional accommodation expenses depending on how far away you are located.

Contact us with your requirements and we’ll see what we can do for you.

We also provide non licensed asbestos training and refresher courses for licensed operatives and Supervisors.

Book your place now!

To reserve your place on our Contracts Manager asbestos removal refresher training course, please tel 0161 761 4424 or use the contact form on this page to get in touch.

Alternatively, if you require further information on our Licensed asbestos removal training refresher courses for Contracts Managers, please send us an email at

As well as our asbestos training courses, we also offer a number of online training courses covering health and safety in the workplace. For more details on these courses, please click here.

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