Asbestos training courses

Asbestos Training Courses

Here at Armco Asbestos Training we offer a variety of different Asbestos Training Courses that can be tailored to suit your company’s needs and requirements.

Our asbestos training courses can be attended by 1 to 15 people both onsite at your own premises or offsite at our dedicated training facility in Bury near Manchester, giving you the flexibility you need to meet your businesses requirements.

The asbestos training courses are delivered by our very own in house Trainers who have many years of asbestos acquired knowledge, gained from both practical hands on experience of working in the industry and having gained professional industry standard qualifications.

Here are the main asbestos training courses we offer:-

In house asbestos training facilities

Let our professional Asbestos Trainers come to you at your company’s address or you can come to us at our in house Training room in Bury near Manchester.

Our Training room is clean, bright and well lit and our practical training facilities are of a good size and easy to work in.  Our Training room is especially set up so that each delegate is comfortably seated and has access to clean toilet facilities.   Refreshments are also provided which are included in the cost of the asbestos training courses.

Asbestos Training courses are delivered in a relaxed manner at an easy pace and delegates are given plenty of time to ask questions and discuss and clarify points raised.

The classroom part of the training courses are delivered using a powerpoint presentation with plenty of good quality photographs used to demonstrate and deliver the asbestos training.

One of the Asbestos Awareness Training courses taking place at Armco Asbestos in Bury, Manchester.
Attendees at one of the Asbestos Awareness Training courses at Armco Asbestos in Bury

Courses delivered by Professional Asbestos Trainers

Armco’s Asbestos Trainers have a very broad knowledge and over 15 years worth of experience within the asbestos industry, so they are suitably qualified having gained so much insight to be able to deliver our asbestos training courses, your delegates will be in perfect hands!

Their aim is to pass this first hand knowledge and valuable experience down to you our delegates in order to provide you with the best possible asbestos training experience.

Online Asbestos Awareness Training Course

We have a fantastic online video training course that is now available for asbestos awareness. Get high quality, relevant training in the comfort of your own home. Click the above link for more details.

online asbestos awareness course by Armco

Asbestos Awareness Training

The most popular of our asbestos training courses is our asbestos awareness training. This course satisfies all the HSE’s requirements and provides employees with information on the legal and practical requirements to protect themselves from the risks associated with asbestos.  Click the above link to find out more.

asbestos awareness course to help identify asbestos materials

Works with Non Licensed Asbestos/Cat B asbestos training

The second most popular of our asbestos courses is our Non licensed training course. We have prepared a customised training course that enables people to work with non-licensable ACM’s. It is designed as an extension to our Asbestos Awareness Training which is a mandatory requirement for anyone liable to be exposed to Asbestos.  Click the above link for more details.

non licensed asbestos training

Face Fit Testing

To complement our asbestos training courses, we’ve also introduced a comprehensive face fit testing supplement to ensure masks are fitted correctly and meet all HSE requirements.  Click the above link to find out more.

face fit testing training by Armco asbestos

Face Fit Train the Tester

As well as our face fit testing course, we also provide a more comprehensive ‘Face fit train the tester course’ for those who will need to perform face fit testing on others.  Click the above link for more details.

face fit train the tester course by Armco Asbestos

Asbestos Removal Operative Refresher

This training course is one of our newer courses and is designed for asbestos removal operatives already working within the industry who require refresher training. They must have already completed the full licensed asbestos removal training for new operatives within the last 12 months to do this refresher. For more details, click on the above link.

asbestos removal operative

Asbestos Removal Supervisor Refresher

This course is one of our newer asbestos training courses. It’s a refresher course designed for experienced asbestos removal supervisors who have already completed the full training for new asbestos removal supervisors within the last 12 months, or who have already completed a refresher in that same timescale. For more info, please click on the link above.

Operative removing asbestos sheeting

Asbestos Contracts Manager Refresher

Another one of our newer asbestos courses. This refresher course is aimed at experienced contracts managers who have already completed the full training course ‘Licensed asbestos for contract managers’ within the past 12 months. To find out more, click on the above link.

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For more information or to enquire about one of our asbestos training courses, please contact us on 0161 761 4424 or complete the contact form on this page and one of our team will contact you shortly.

Asbestos Sampling, Testing and Surveys

Besides our asbestos training courses, we also conduct asbestos sampling, testing and surveys across the UK.

Maybe you just need a suspect material testing for asbestos in your home, for example a ceiling or floor tile.

Then we can come and safely take samples for you and send them onto a UKAS registered laboratory to have them tested for asbestos.

Results of testing usually arrive back within a couple of days.

Or perhaps you need a full asbestos survey on a property? Whether you need an asbestos management survey, or a refurbishment demolition survey, contact us on 0161 763 3727 or by visiting our asbestos surveys website

As well as our asbestos training courses, we also offer a number of online courses covering health and safety in the workplace. For more details on these e-learning courses, please click here.

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