Face Fit Testing Manchester

Face Fit Testing Manchester

Are you looking for face fit testing in Manchester?

The approved code of practice for the Control of asbestos regulations 2012 recommend face fit testing of all respiratory protective equipment.

The performance of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) with a tight-fitting face piece depends on a good contact between the wearers skin and the face seal of the mask, according to The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations, 2002.

The COSHH Approved Code of Practice says that employers should ensure that the selected face piece is of the right size and can correctly fit each wearer.

For a tight-fitting face piece, the initial selection should include fit testing to ensure the wearer has the most suitable respirator.

Also, employers must ensure that whoever carries out the fit testing is competent to do so.

Why choose us for face fit testing?

We have over 15 years of experience of working with asbestos and have performed face fit testing in Manchester for over 1000 individuals in the last 3 years.

Armco Asbestos Training are Fit2Fit Accredited.

So if you need face fit testing in Manchester, you’re in our experienced and capable hands.

We charge £35 per person for a face fit test and can fit test up to a maximum of 20 people on any one day.

Armco Asbestos face fit training - Face Fit Test Instructions
Armco perform face fit testing in and around Manchester

When is face fit testing required?

Face fit testing is required where RPE is used as a safety measure. Face fit testing should be repeated if the wearer:

Once a user has passed a face fit test for a particular face piece, they can wear other face pieces of the same make, model, type and size.

However, if they need to use a different make, model, type of size then that face piece will also need to be face fit tested.

Re-testing is recommended to check that the face piece remains suitable and that the wearer is taking care to wear and remove the mask correctly.

A one year retest is suggested for work with asbestos.

We also provide a training course called Face Fit train the Tester for individuals who are required to train others on how to wear RPE correctly.

Face fit train the tester - fit 2 fit accreditation
Armco are fit2fit accredited

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As well as face fit testing Manchester, we also offer asbestos awareness training and a number of online training courses covering health and safety in the workplace. For more details on these courses, please click here.

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