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Asbestos garage removal

Advice on asbestos garage removal, how and when to go about it and costs involved. An asbestos garage must be removed if in poor condition.

Read the full article | Published Sep 17, 2020

Causes of a mesothelioma cough

One of the common symptoms of mesothelioma is the mesothelioma cough. It affects nearly half of all mesothelioma patients. But what causes it?

Read the full article | Published Nov 18, 2018

Asbestos in cars

Asbestos in cars manufactured before 1999 Did you know there used to be asbestos in cars? In the past, asbestos was extensively used in the manufacture of motor vehicles in parts such as brake pads/shoes, gaskets, internal combustion components and lots of other assorted parts. Asbestos was banned from use in car parts in 1999 […]

Read the full article | Published May 29, 2018

Asbestos in crayons

Report details asbestos found in crayons A report issued in the U.S by a public interest group revealed asbestos in crayons used by schools. The US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund tested 27 school products in an independent laboratory and found asbestos in Playskool crayons. Author of the report, Dev Gouda, said, “It’s insane […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 15, 2018

Asbestos in schools is ticking timebomb

Teaching Union raises concerns about asbestos in schools Asbestos in schools is a danger and a ticking timebomb according to a teaching union. Although asbestos has been banned since 1999, a lot of schools and older buildings built between the 1950’s and 1980’s still contain the dangerous mineral. As a consequence, the number of teachers […]

Read the full article | Published Sep 10, 2018

What is asbestos made of

Ever wondered what asbestos is made of? Asbestos is in the headlines a lot nowadays because of its association with deadly diseases such as mesothelioma, and we are often asked the question ‘what is asbestos made of?’ So to answer your question, we’ve decided to put this informative article together. Asbestos is a naturally occurring […]

Read the full article | Published Oct 29, 2018

Asbestos related lung cancer

Asbestos related lung cancer deaths on a par with mesothelioma deaths After tobacco smoking, asbestos is up there as being one of the main causes of lung cancer, and asbestos related lung cancer death rates are now on a par with those of mesothelioma. Historically, it has been very difficult to pinpoint the causes of individual […]

Read the full article | Published Nov 05, 2018

Occupational lung disease

Occupational lung disease – the facts Occupational lung disease within the construction industry is a huge problem and we need to do more about it. 3,000 construction workers suffer every year from breathing difficulties and lung problems, caused by their work. Construction workers are often exposed to dust, fumes and other hazardous substances that over […]

Read the full article | Published Dec 12, 2018

Johnson & Johnson hit back at asbestos report

New report claims Johnson & Johnson hid evidence of asbestos in talc Johnson & Johnson are denying a new asbestos report that says they deliberately hid evidence of asbestos in their talc. The company have been in the headlines a lot recently due to claims that their talc contains asbestos and has caused ovarian cancer […]

Read the full article | Published Dec 18, 2018

Schools with asbestos

Schools with asbestos failing to report details A group of MP’S are seriously concerned about schools with asbestos in England not reporting details of asbestos to the government. All schools were requested to provide details of asbestos in their buildings to the government by May 31st last year. However, It has been reported that almost […]

Read the full article | Published Jan 30, 2019
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