HSE announces ‘Refurbishment Inspection Initiative’ in early 2012

The Heath and Safety Executive announces that they will be undertaking an intensive refurbishment site initiative in February and March 2012 including the risks associated with asbestos.

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Construction inspectors have announced that they will be carrying out an intensive inspection initiative of various sites undergoing refurbishment during February and March 2012.  These inspections will focus on the refurbishment/building site risks that make construction one ofBritain’s most dangerous industries and will cover the following areas: height safely; good order on site; and the risks associated with the removal of asbestos.

In similar initiatives during the last two years, HSE’s Construction Inspectors carried out more than 2,400 refurbishment site inspections nationally and took enforcement action against a third of sites visited. During the latest inspections, basic safety precautions were found to be very poor and some were so bad that they placed the lives of workers at risk.  That’s why HSE’s key messages to principal contractors on site are to: plan and organise work properly; select and use the right equipment, keep walkways on site clear of obstructions and manage the risks associated with asbestos The HSE have stated that they will not hesitate to take action if we find poor practice that is putting the lives of workers and the public at risk. Many incidents are completely avoidable by taking simple common sense precautions so to find out what you can do to improve health and safety on your site before an inspector calls please visit their website.

The HSE states that anyone responsible for maintenance and repair of a commercial or industrial property has a duty to identify asbestos in the premises and manage the risk. Here at Armco we are fully qualified and experienced in assisting companies to manage the risks associated with the removal of asbestos. The can range from providing training to ensure that employees are Asbestos Aware, undertaking Refurbishment Surveys, implementing respiratory mask face fitting and the safe removal of asbestos under strictly controlled conditions. Please navigate this site for further information on training and www.armco.org.uk/ipsurveys.php for further information on surveys. Or alternatively you can call the Armco office on 0161 763 3727 for further information or a competitive quote.

Published Feb 06, 2012

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