Mavis Nye Foundation officially registered

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Mavis Nye Foundation officially registered

Mavis Nye has set up her own cancer charity, years after she was first diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Many people will know Mavis via social media, as she has continuely been raising awareness of asbestos and it’s effects for many years.

She was diagnosed with the disease mesothelioma back in 2009 and has been fighting the condition ever since.

Mavis has supported many people with mesothelioma, their families and carers over the years via her facebook groups.

Her passion and dedication to the cause has always been admirable.

As a patient herself, she has undergone 4 years of chemotherapy treatment and has also taken part in a clinical trial.

Despite the immunotherapy trial which she took part in over 2 years, Mavis’s tumours still exist, but she has been told there are no active mesothelioma cells within them.

Mavis has fought the disease and defied doctors who only gave her 3 months to live when first diagnosed.

Quite simply, she is an inspiration and shows to us all that we should never give up!

Mavis Nye Foundation officially registered - Mavis Nye

The Mavis Nye Foundation was registered in April 2017.

It was a friend of Mavis’s that encouraged her to set up the charity.

Mavis is delighted that the charity is finally up and running.

She said, “I know how it feels to be given 90 days to live and feel like you have nowhere to go and no-one to talk to.  I don’t want others to have that feeling of abandonment.  I want them to have hope that you can live with a terminal illness and fight.”

Mavis Nye Foundation officially registered

Plans are currently underway for the official launch of the foundation, and a website will also be built.

Details will be released as and when on Mavis’s social media accounts.

You can follow Mavis on Twitter at

Or visit her website

Mavis also writes a blog at

We wish Mavis and the Mavis Nye Foundation every success.

Long may the fight continue….


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Published Jul 31, 2017

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