Mesothelioma fluid in lungs kills retired office worker

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Daughter appeals for help from mum’s ex colleagues as she dies from mesothelioma fluid in lungs

A build up of mesothelioma fluid in lungs caused the death of a retired office worker from East Yorkshire.

Now the dead woman’s daughter, Renée Raper, is appealing for help in order to claim compensation for her mother’s death.

Clarinda Owst died last year from mesothelioma after having worked in the offices at Capper Pass smelting works for 17 years.

Capper Pass (later Rio Tinto) smelting works closed down in 1991.

Renée is looking for anyone who worked at the factory at the same time as her mother to come forward with any information they may have.

The family are baffled as to how she could have been exposed to asbestos when she worked in the office.

So they are looking for answers.

Mum becomes ill years later

Years after finishing work at the site, Clarinda, known to most as Linda, began to develop breathing difficulties.

Clarinda couldn’t breathe because she had mesothelioma fluid in lungs and growths that were pressing on her gullet and windpipe.

It’s believed by her daughter that she must have been to asbestos somehow at work.

Renée said, “Mum didn’t discover it until late on. She was ill and started getting breathing issues.”

“She thought it was a problem with her heart but doctors thought it was ok,”

“Mum couldn’t breathe because her lungs were full of fluid so she had to have them drained.”

“It was so horrible for her at the end. She couldn’t breathe at all. Nor could she eat because growths were pressing on her gullet and windpipe.”

“All she kept saying was ‘this isn’t life’. In March, she was given one to three years to live.”

“Within six months of being told that she had died.”

“It was so horrible the way she went down.”


Mesothelioma fluid in lungs kills retired office worker

Compensation claim is filed by daughter

A compensation claim has been filed by Ms Raper a year on from her mother’s death.

She strongly believes that her mother became ill and died as a direct result of being exposed to asbestos during the years she worked at the factory.

Solicitors are now helping her to build a case for an asbestos disease compensation claim.

Ms Raper said, “I want to speak with anyone who can shine a light on my mum’s employment and how she could have been exposed to asbestos.”

“As a personnel officer, she would have been known to a large number of workers and other members of staff, which we hope will increase our chances of finding someone who can help.”

“Any information provided could be the missing piece of the puzzle we desperately need, so please get in touch with Thompsons Solicitors if you think you can help.”

Lead Solicitor acting on behalf of Renée, Helen Jones, said, “Linda worked at Capper Pass, later Rio Tinto, for a large part of her career and may have come into contact with asbestos in a variety of ways.”

“We are hoping there will be someone out there who can remember Linda.”

You can contact Helen Jones at Thompsons Solicitors if you have any valuable information on 01912 690625 or email

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