Mesothelioma sufferer wins nearly $37 Million dollars in Court Case

Mesothelioma patient Gary Hampton wins $37 Million dollars in court battle against defunct manufacturing firm after suing for negligence.

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Gary Hampton was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in February 2014. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer which affects the lining surrounding major organ groups (mostly the lungs but is also seen in the lining surround the Heart and Abdominal Cavity). The disease is almost exclusively caused by the inhalation of Asbestos and is difficult if not impossible to treat. Unfortunately it is malignant and terminal in most every case.

Hampton was exposed to the deadly Asbestos through working with brake linings made by Pneumo Abex and Ford Motor Co that contained the asbestos. He was exposed whilst working at an automotive repair shop in-between 1969 and 1977. Hampton also tried to sue Ford but they settled without much of a fuss.

The court case was over in a matter of two hours. After five expert witnesses and family testimonies Pneumo Abex were found guilty of negligence for failing to warn Hampton of the asbestos he was exposed to.

It is a huge victory to those seeking justice for wrongs caused by asbestos and huge payout, though darkened through the circumstances that necessitated such action. This lawsuit serves as a stark warning to companies who may not have informed their employees about asbestos in the past and a light at the end of the tunnel for the families this negligence has affected.

It is required by law for employers to give the proper Asbestos Awareness Training for those who may encounter the substance through normal working tasks. We provide such training here at Armco as well as providing training to enable employees to work with and remove both non-licensable and licensable asbestos, as well as providing Face Fit Testing which is required by Law to ensure the safety of those who will be exposed to asbestos. Armco also provides surveys (to find out more about the surveys click here) for the identification of Asbestos, this is not law Per Se but it will aid in knowing if you and your employees are at risk of exposure.

Published Sep 25, 2014

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