Skegness hotel fined for exposing staff to asbestos

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Skegness hotel fined for exposing staff to asbestos

The County Hotel in Skegness has been fined over £40,000 by the local council for exposing staff to asbestos.

The hotel owners pleaded guilty to three separate breaches where they admitted responsibility for exposing their employees to asbestos.

The hotel has since had extensive work done to remove large quantities of the asbestos from boiler tanks and pipe work in the basement.

Rod MacKenzie, council health and safety inspector, said, “Asbestos can pose significant danger to health. Asbestos-related disease kills far more people in the UK than are killed on our roads.”

“All businesses have an obligation to know whether their premises contain asbestos and to take appropriate steps to remove or contain any that is identified.”

“The simple fact in this case is that because of the hotel’s failure, workers have been put at risk, and face an uncertain future. I would urge all business proprietors to make sure they are not exposing staff, customers or themselves to such a potentially dangerous material.”

Member of staff alerted the local council of asbestos

It was a member of staff at the hotel who alerted the authorities about the asbestos.

At least two members of hotel staff are thought to have been exposed to asbestos while working in the building.

A spokesperson at the hotel commented, “We took immediate action to rectify the problem once it came to our notice.”

“We have cooperated fully with the council and those responsible are either no longer working for the company or have been disciplined.”

“The problem solely related to a limited area in the basement of the property to which the public never had access and the hotel stayed open throughout the investigation with the approval of the council.”

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Published Oct 20, 2016

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