Supreme Court ruling paves way for thousands of new claims

Supreme Court ruling sets a precedent for asbestos related illness claims dating back to the 1940's.

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A landmark victory in the Supreme Court means families of workers who died of asbestos-related cancer can claim on policies dating back to the 1940s. A legal challenge on behalf of the family of Charles O’Farrell, a retired member who died of asbestos cancer mesothelioma aged 81 in 2003, was successful and sets a precedent for thousands of similar cases.

The legal battle was in turmoil when two years ago the Court of Appeal stated that in some cases insurance liability was only triggered when symptoms developed – sometimes decades after the exposure. Thousands of new claims are now expected to be made after judges have now ruled that insurance liability was triggered when employees were exposed to asbestos dust – not when the symptoms emerged. Lawyers say the ruling will have implications for all workplace illnesses.

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Published Mar 30, 2012

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