The illegal tipping of Asbestos.

The danger of fly tipping and illegally dumping asbestos containing material.

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It is widely known that Asbestos causes a threat and health risk and has been closely linked to Mesothelioma. It is thought that up to 5000 people per year die due to exposure to Asbestos, but still, a big problem regarding Asbestos containing material (ACM’s) is illegal tipping.

If people have the adequate training on Asbestos they would be more aware of the dangers and health risk this fly tipping could cause to the public. It is a legal requirement that Asbestos surveys and removals needs to be carried out by a licensed professional, yet there is still a great deal of fly tipping happening where people are removing the ACM’s themselves and dumping it in public places.

Rows were started in Romsey, Hampshire, when hazardous builders waste and potentially dangerous asbestos was dumped outside a community hall that is widely used my families. As the fly tipping is on private land, the council has refused to remove the waste and have provided details to arrange for the waste to be removed.  Additionally, In Camberley, Surrey, bags of asbestos and builders waste has been illegally dumped and blocked the road to a residents property.

It is essential that tradesmen, including builders are asbestos aware, and have correct training in identifying, and working with the harmful material. Around 20 tradesmen die each week due to the affects of asbestos exposure.

In Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, residents were calling to action after waste including asbestos was dumped in alleyways outside their homes. This waste was removed but the council, but it took over a week. This is potentially harmful to the families living in the area are they are exposed to the harmful fibres.

In Cornwall, asbestos containing material was dumped at the side of a road. Again, the council are arranging to pick the waste up but resident fear as it took over a week as they needed to employ experienced contractors to deal with the Asbestos, leaving residents at threat to the poisons. The road is popular of dog walkers and horse riders and there is fear locally for the asbestos.

If proper training were put in place, tradesmen and members of the public would be more aware of the harm they are causing fly tipping AsbestosCcontaining Materials. With adequate training fly tippers will learn how to appropriately deal with asbestos waste safely rather than illegally fly tipping and potential causing harm to the health of many people.

At Armco, we are fully qualified and experienced in Asbestos Awareness training and have over 15 years in the sector. We also provide comprehensive Working with non-licensed asbestos training, Face Fit Testing and training and online courses that can be tailored to your company and requirements. For information on training call us on 0161 761 4424 or visit our dedicated training website and fill out the contact form

Additionally we qualified surveyors specialising in Management and Refurbishment/demolition surveys.  If you are in need of an Asbestos Survey or unsure whether your premises requires one, we will be only too happy to oblige, you can get in touch us on 0161 763 03727 or fill in our contact form on our website

Published Jan 23, 2015

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