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Famous locations in London where asbestos can be found

Asbestos in London Did you know about the famous places that contain asbestos in London? You may be surprised to learn that quite a few famous locations in and around London contain asbestos. Probably the most famous and most widely reported is the Palace of Westminster, or houses of parliament as most commonly known. A […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 21, 2018

The hazards of asbestos to the public

Hazards of asbestos The general public have been aware about theĀ hazards of asbestosĀ for a considerable number of years……as far back as 1924 infact. But the dangers of asbestos have actually been known about for much longer…… Back in 1899, there was a case where a 33-year-old man died of fibrosis of the lungs. He had […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 20, 2018
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