Asbestos alert after a factory blaze in Wolverhampton

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Asbestos alert after a factory blaze in Wolverhampton

Residents living nearby have received an asbestos alert after a factory blaze in Wolverhampton.

Public Health England have urged local residents to keep safe by closing all their windows and doors following the discovery of asbestos.

The discovery came after two large units were gutted in the fire at A.S.H Plastics, Wolverhampton, where asbestos was found to be in the cement roofs.

Authorities became concerned about the asbestos fibers spreading and being inhaled by the public, which is why the safety alert was sent out.

The blaze started on Tuesday evening, 18th October, and firefighters worked throughout the night and into Wednesday to control the fire.

Source of article:- by Andy Richardson

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Published Oct 26, 2016

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