Confidential asbestos report leaked over Swansea Nightclub

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Confidential Asbestos report leaked over Swansea Nightclub

An investigation has been requested by Swansea Council after a confidential asbestos report was leaked to the press regarding the Oceana nightclub.

The report details the rising costs of demolition work on the building.

The costs have risen to over £4 million due to there being much more asbestos present in the building than was originally thought.

The former nightclub and site is being regenerated by the council with plans to build offices there for council staff to move into.

The leaked asbestos report was made public at a cabinet meeting last week after having received legal advice.

Council leader, Rob Stewart, said that he thought it would be a good thing if the report be shared at the meeting.

Mr Stewart said, “I would also say that this report was leaked in its entirety to the press, and that’s a breach of the code of conduct.

There will be an investigation as to which member leaked the information.

Despite the asbestos report having been leaked and rising costs, the council still plan to go ahead with the demolition and redevelopment of the site.


Council may seek compensation

Council chiefs say that they may possibly seek compensation from the firm who carried out the original asbestos survey on the building.

The Asbestos Consultant that did the survey has since been given his notice.

In addition, because of the excessive amount of asbestos that was in the building, Councillor Robert Francis-Davies said, “The HSE will be looking at how the building was constructed at the time.”

The redevelopment of the site is one of a few building projects in and around Swansea city centre as part of a major overhaul of the city.

Another councillor, Jennifer Raynor, said, “I think having come to know there is more asbestos in the building than was originally estimated, we have a very strong legal and moral duty to make this safe now.”

“It would be entirely incorrect to walk away from this building, putting people at further risk.”

Despite the rising costs associated with the discovery of more asbestos, the council insist they are still within budget and the work will proceed as planned.

Source of article:- by Richard Youle.

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Published Oct 27, 2016

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