Asbestos Analyst fined after falsifying asbestos clearance certificate

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Asbestos Analyst fined after falsifying asbestos clearance certificate

Asbestos Analyst fined after falsifying asbestos clearance certificate on a construction site in Manchester……….

Barrie Lyons, an asbestos analyst of 29 years from Hertfordshire, was hired to conduct air testing and to carry out a final inspection of a site in the city centre following the removal of asbestos.

Mr Lyons was tasked with examining the area where asbestos had been removed.

Greater Manchester Magistrates’ Court heard how he was also required to take air samples and ensure that the area was free of asbestos.

However, following a HSE investigation, it was discovered that Mr Lyons hadn’t carried out a proper inspection of the site as he’d be asked to do, and he also had failed to take the correct amount of air samples.

In his report to the client he had lied and falsified the information saying that he had carried out the job in full to the clients requirements.

HSE comment on the case

Consequently, this resulted in delays and added costs for the asbestos removal contractor, as they were forced to arrange further testing to be carried out by another company.

Following the hearing, HSE inspector Matthew Greenly commented, “Asbestos analysts play a vital role in ensuring that areas are safe to enter after asbestos is removed.”

“Mr Lyons sadly chose on this occasion to falsify his records which was a massive abuse of the trust placed in him by the client.”

“This deliberate act increased the risk of numerous people potentially being exposed to asbestos, a risk Mr Lyons would be very well aware of from his experience, all to save a little time and finish the job early.”

“It is hoped that the industry uses this case as a reminder that anyone involved in asbestos removal must do everything reasonable to protect people from a material which causes around 4000 deaths per year in the UK.”

The court ruled that Mr Lyons pay costs of £3905.73.  He was also fined £2000 after he pleaded guilty to safety failings.


Source of article:- by Grant Prior

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Published Jan 23, 2017

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