Woman dies after years of washing clothes riddled with asbestos

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Woman dies after years of washing clothes riddled with asbestos

Ann Siddons, from Lenham in Kent, died from mesothelioma cancer on January 10th 2017 aged 72.

Ann had spent many years washing both her father’s and husband’s work overalls that were covered in asbestos dust particles.

She was finally diagnosed with mesothelioma back in August 2015.

Before her death, Ann was appealing to find people who had worked at the same factory as her father and husband had worked.

Both worked at Marley Floor Tile Factory during the 1960s and 1970s.

Ann’s father died aged 67 of cancer in 1981.  Her husband died aged 69 of pneumonia in 2009.

Sadly though, Ann died from her illness earlier this month before she could find any answers.

The initial inquest into her death has confirmed she died from mesothelioma.

Last year, Ann spoke to reporters and said, “They used to set off for work together and when they came home again in the evening, they were caked in a fine grey dust.”

“My father used to take off his overalls and leave them on his chair overnight. In the morning he’d put them back on and go to work.”

“I remember shaking them out of the back door to get the dust off before washing them and turning out the pockets full of the stuff.”

“I must have done that every week for about eight years until Henry stopped working there.”


Source of article:-  www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/dutiful-daughter-wife-died-cancer-9685433


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Published Jan 31, 2017

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