Asbestos clean up at 2 Monmouthshire schools could cost council £350,000

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Monmouthshire County Council face huge asbestos clean up bill

Two schools in Monmouthshire found to contain asbestos could result in the local council having to fork out £350,000 in an asbestos clean up.

The schools where the asbestos is present are Caldicot School and Monmouth Comprehensive.

Monmouthshire County Council and the Welsh Government have invested £90 million into redeveloping the school buildings.

Demolition works had already started when the asbestos was discovered.

Caldicot School had already undergone extensive refurbishment and reopened in September 2017.

Remaining works still needed to be carried out, including landscaping, but this has all now been put on hold due to the discovery of asbestos.

Monmouth Comprehensive was being prepped for demolition when the asbestos was found.

Chief officer for children and young people at Monmouthshire County Council, Will McLean, said, “The authority undertook all normal and necessary surveys.”

“However, material was discovered in areas that could not originally be accessed by the pre-demolition surveys and were highlighted when buildings were exposed.”

asbestos clean up in schools set to cost Monmouthshire council thousands

Council say asbestos removal followed current regulations

Council officials have stated that removal of the asbestos was controlled and followed national regulations, posing no danger to pupils.

Work at Caldicot School is almost complete with demolition works finished and just the landscaping to be completed by the end of October.

Despite the reopening of Monmouth Comprehensive’s main building this week, the rest of the school won’t actually be finished until May 2019.

Mr McLean said, “The Caldicot School programme has been delayed due to the discovery, the school itself was already open and the main access routes available prior to the final demolition and landscaping phase.”

“The discovery has not caused any other issues and the asbestos has been removed, works are to be completed as per originally designed.”

It is estimated, according to a financial report for 2018/19, that the asbestos clean up will run into a six figure sum of approximately £350,000.

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