Asbestos in crayons

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Report details asbestos found in crayons

A report issued in the U.S by a public interest group revealed asbestos in crayons used by schools.

The US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund tested 27 school products in an independent laboratory and found asbestos in Playskool crayons.

Author of the report, Dev Gouda, said, “It’s insane for us to be finding asbestos in kids’ products, whether it’s technically legal or not, and parents shouldn’t have to worry about this in 2018.”

He said, “We wish that we didn’t have to do a study like this, but the reality is that corporations — from manufacturers, distributors and retailers — aren’t doing this for us.”

A number of other items were tested by the group, including binders, markers, lunchboxes, water bottles, rulers, notebooks and glue.

All of the items were purchased across the U.S at various stores and online.

asbestos found in Playskool crayons
Asbestos has been discovered in crayons manufactured by Playskool

Calls for manufacturers to take action

Following their findings, the group have asked the manufacturers and sellers of the products containing toxic substances, including asbestos, to stop selling them and to let consumers know about the chemicals within them.

Traces of tremolite, a form of asbestos, were found in a Playskool crayon that was tested.

This crayon was manufactured by Leap Year Publishing and part of a set of 36.

Spokeswoman for Hasbro, Julie Duffy, who owns the Playskool brand, said, “We are conducting a thorough investigation into these claims, including working with Leap Year, the licensee of the product.”

Leap Year Publishing spokesman, John Sorenson, said all of their products, including the crayon that tested positive for asbestos, “are thoroughly tested by independent labs” to meet or exceed federal standards.

“We are currently re-verifying that they are safe and free of any asbestos, as well as requesting a review of PIRG’s testing methods.”

It is well known that the Tremolite form of asbestos is hazardous to health and responsible for many asbestos related cancers and diseases.

Many other crayons from various brands were also tested, but none of these contained asbestos.

These brands included Crayola, Cra-Z-Art, Up & Up,  RoseArt and Disney Junior Mickey and the Roadster Racers.

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