Asbestos in the home

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Think your house could contain asbestos?

Concerned about asbestos in the home? Asbestos can be found in any residential building that was built or refurbished before the year 2000.

There are lots of common building materials in and around the home that will contain asbestos.

However, you shouldn’t necessarily be overly concerned about asbestos in the home, as if it’s left undisturbed and undamaged it poses no problem.

It’s only a cause for concern if and when you decide to carry out any DIY, refurbishment or building works that may cause any asbestos containing materials to become damaged.

Where can you find asbestos in the home?

Asbestos containing materials could be lurking in plenty of places around the home, both inside and outside.

The most common places inside the home where you will find asbestos are:-


*AIB is an abbreviation used for Asbestos Insulating Board.

asbestos in the home - examples of where asbestos hides
Asbestos in the home – where it lurks


The most common places outside the home where you will find asbestos are:-

If you want to know what any of these common asbestos containing materials look like so that you can easily identify them in your home, please click here.

Do I need to do anything if asbestos is in my home?

Asbestos is only a danger when fibers are disturbed and become airborne, resulting in them being breathed in.

Therefore, you don’t need to do anything about it so long as the asbestos is in good condition and is located somewhere it can’t be easily damaged, for example an artex ceiling.

As long as this is the case then asbestos poses no health risk to you.

You should, however, periodically check the condition of the materials from time to time, just to make sure they haven’t been damaged in any way or started to deteriorate.

If you’re not sure whether or not there is asbestos in your home and you want to find out for peace of mind/future reference, then you can have an asbestos testing company come and take samples for you and have them tested in an independent laboratory.

asbestos in the home - damaged asbestos ceiling
damaged asbestos ceiling

Seek help from a trained contractor

Strongly suspect or know for certain that there is asbestos in your home? Planning any renovations? Then under no circumstances should you ever attempt to repair or remove any asbestos materials yourself if you have not had the correct training for non licensed asbestos work.

You must seek help from a professional who has had the correct training.

Some ACM’s (asbestos containing materials) with only slight damage can be repaired by sealing or enclosing them.

Any badly damaged asbestos containing material likely to become further damaged should be completely removed if it can’t be protected.

There are some materials such as sprayed asbestos coatings, asbestos lagging or insulation and asbestos insulating board that should only be removed by a HSE licensed contractor.

Visit the HSE website for more detailed information or contact your local council.

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