Asbestos removal firm prosecuted for removing asbestos without a license

Asbestos removal company fined £15,000 after prosecuted for removing asbestos on an expired license

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 On the 29th of August 2014 Asbestos Damage Limitations Ltd (ADL) were prosecuted for removal of Asbestos even though their license enabling them to do so had expired in September last year.

According to regulations laid out by HSE An employer must hold a licence granted under paragraph (2) before undertaking any licensable work with asbestos.” Because ADL had an expired license they were in breach of these regulations and were subsequently taken to court.

 After hearing that ADL had previously owned a license that had expired and its request for renewal denied on the basis of inadequate performance, and the fact they continued work in full knowledge that they were breaching regulations, it was decided that Asbestos Damage Limitations Ltd were to be fined £15,000 and ordered to pay £4,000 in costs after admittance of breaching the regulation quoted above.

 It is important that Asbestos removal is carefully controlled and only performed by licensed individuals or companies who have received the proper training. Licenses to remove Licensable Asbestos can only be applied for through bodies such as the HSE but Non licensable asbestos can be removed without a licence (hence the name) once certified and properly trained.

 Armco Asbestos provides training that goes above and beyond the HSE’s regulations for un-licensable asbestos and also provides Asbestos Awareness Training Courses as well as Face Fit Testing for those at risk of encountering Asbestos through their normal working duties.


Published Sep 19, 2014

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