Mandatory Asbestos Training

Abestos Awareness Training

Last Updated on February 28, 2022 by Dan

Did you know? It falls within the employers duty of care to provide the correct and proper amount of training, instruction and education to employees that may be exposed to asbestos through normal working procedures. They are also now bound by law to ensure that employees are qualified to deal with Asbestos in the workplace.

It is well known that Asbestos can cause severe complications to health and well-being, with its effects ranging from asbestosis to full blown lung cancer. Therefore it is of utmost importance that workers and supervisors who may come into contact with Asbestos, receive Asbestos Awareness Training so they can work competently and without risk to themselves and others.

Training here at Armco Asbestos is tailored to individual needs and is designed to educate above and beyond the HSE’s strict requirements and entails things such as:

We also provide Face fit testing (a fairly recent legislative requirement) and enable workers to legally work with non-licensable asbestos through  separate courses.

Published Sep 18, 2014

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