Charges brought against County Council for Primary School asbestos exposure

This case illustrates the need for workmen to receive Asbestos Awareness training and contractors to have industry experience. Neil Hardy, Armco's Manager, has over 15 years industry experience and can ensure your organisation operates within the asbestos law.

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The case against Staffordshire County Council regarding the release of potentially hazardous asbestos fibres has been adjourned as lawyers were not ready to proceed, and a new date has yet to be fixed.

On 13th February 2009, the staff and pupils at Glenthorne Primary School in Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire were sent home on Health and Safety grounds and the school continued to be closed for four months, costing the taxpayers £246,000. The case relates to contractors working in the school dismantling a cupboard and accidentally disturbing asbestos fibres.

In addition to the Health and Safety charges brought by the HSE to the County Council, similar charges have also been brought against the builders, who had been working at the school for four months.  Charges state that other parts of the building were also affected.

This is yet another case which illustrates the need for workmen to receive Asbestos Awareness Training and also the need for not only qualified but time-served asbestos professionals to ensure asbestos is managed safely. Here at Armco we offer various Asbestos Training: Asbestos Awareness; Works with Non-Licensed Asbestos Containing Materials; Refresher Training; and Respiratory Mask Face Fitting.

In addition, we also undertake Asbestos Surveys: Management; Demolition and Refurbishment, Sampling, Consultancy and Removals. Armco’s manager has over 15 years industry experience and can ensure your company receives the asbestos services needed to operate with the asbestos law. Please navigate this site for information on our training courses and contact the office on 0161 763 3727 for further information on all the services we provide.

Published Jan 13, 2012
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