Damages awarded to former electrician following mesothelioma diagnosis

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Mesothelioma patient receives damages settlement following mesothelioma diagnosis

A former bus company electrician has received a provisional damages award of £140,000 following a mesothelioma diagnosis.

The man worked for the bus company, Thames Valley Traction Company from 1948 right through to 1973.

He started work there in 1948 as an apprentice and then became an electrician.

His job involved using asbestos rope on the buses to protect cable from burning.

A case was put together by his lawyers along with supporting medical evidence from an expert respiratory physician.

The case was then put to his former employers’ liability insurers.

The insurers admitted liability and issued an initial payment whilst the rest of the claim awaited settlement.

Mesothelioma diagnosis for former electrician who worked for Thames Valley Traction Company

It was also discovered that as well as his mesothelioma diagnosis, the man was also suffering from renal carcinoma.

Lawyers acting on behalf of the defendant commissioned reports from expert oncologists to clarify the implications of the renal cancer.

It was concluded the renal cancer wouldn’t impact the man’s life expectancy.

However, it was likely that he would require chemotherapy treatment and possibly immunotherapy at a later date.

As immunotherapy isn’t available on the NHS, this would need to be funded privately.

Because of this, the lawyers pursued additional compensation.

The defendants subsequently upped their offer of £140,000, putting forward a draft provisional damages settlement order of £140,000 now and offering to pay future medical costs for private treatment if and when required.

Source of article:-  www.boyesturnerclaims.com/site/our-cases/settlement-covers-future-mesothelioma-private-treatment-costs

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