Exeter mum dying of asbestos disease appeals for help

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Exeter mum dying of asbestos disease appeals for help

Single mum from Exwick in Exeter, Kirsty List, is battling with the asbestos related disease, mesothelioma.

She is now 34, but was first diagnosed when she was 32.

Kirsty has recently been told by Doctors that she only weeks or months to live.

It is Kirsty’s belief that she may have been exposed to asbestos while she was a student at Bicton Agricultural College.

Or she could also have been exposed whilst at Holsworthy Community College.

She is now appealing to former students of both establishments, who attended between 1990-2005, to come forward with any information they may have.

Staff are also being urged to come forward to try and help establish whether or not Kirsty developed the disease due to asbestos being present at the college.

Kirsty will leave behind her only child, Aimee, who is just five-years-old.

Debbie Merritt, Kirsty’s mum, looks after her daughter for half of the week, and Exeter’s Hospiscare care for her the rest of the week.

Speaking about her daughter, Debbie said, “Kirsty has now become very ill and is in a lot of pain. As Aimee will be growing up without her mother, we are all really hoping that Kirsty will have a case to safeguard Aimee’s future.”

“Kirsty’s case is unusual for someone so young.”

Family of dying woman instruct lawyers

The terminally ill young woman has stated in the past that she thinks she could have been exposed to asbestos either as a school pupil or whilst working in pubs.

Of the schools she attended, 2 of them were found to contain large amounts of asbestos.

A primary school in Reading and a secondary school in North Devon.

Simpson Millar Solicitors have now been instructed by Kirsty’s family to take on the case.

Helen Grady at the firm said, “This is a desperately sad case and really highlights the menace of asbestos, a once hailed wonder material.”

“Kirsty could have been exposed to asbestos in these old buildings prior to their refurbishment and we are really hoping that people at Bicton Agricultural College between 1990 to 2005 will come forward.”

Helen is asking that anyone with any information that could help the case gets in touch with her on Freephone 0808 129 3320 or 07515 579870.

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Published Apr 10, 2017

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