Fly tipping asbestos waste in Dorset

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Fly tipping asbestos – hunt is on in Dorset after huge pile dumped

The hunt is on in Dorset after the fly tipping of asbestos roofing panels at a woodland beauty spot.

The fly tippers dumped half a ton of asbestos waste at Uddens Plantation.

Asbestos that is damaged, such as the asbestos waste that was dumped at the plantation, can cause serious damage to health.

If the asbestos fibers are inhaled, people can develop asbestos diseases in the future such as asbestosis and mesothelioma lung cancers.

The owners of the woodland beauty spot, the Forestry Commission, are asking the public for help in catching the fly tipping culprits.

Thy have received information that the fly tippers dumped the asbestos waste over several trips and used a lorry.

The area has now been made safe and the asbestos waste completely removed.

Fly tipping asbestos waste dumped in Dorset woodland

Forestry Commission have their say

A spokesman for the Forestry Commission said, “This recent incident is another example of the lack of respect some people have for the forest, its residents and wildlife. Working together, the Forestry Commission and the local authority investigate fly-tips in an effort to trace it back to the offenders.”

Andy Skeats, East Dorset district councillor, said of the fly tipping incident, “Shame on those responsible. As portfolio holder for community, I am disappointed that some people think it’s acceptable to do this is to our lovely part of East Dorset.”

Fly tipping asbestos waste and other waste in general is on the increase in the area.

However, there is no need for this as the waste can be disposed of at Dorset Waste Partnership household recycling centres located in Blandford and Wareham.

Project officer for the campaign group Litter Free Dorset, Charlie Wild, started his own #LoveYourVerge campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to look after their town and keep it litter free and clean.

Charlie said, “Dumping rubbish like this is illegal, dangerous, costly to clear up, and looks a mess. But most importantly it’s very easy to avoid in the first place. Litter Free Dorset are saddened to see an individual purposely fly tipping.”

The Forestry Commission are urging anyone with any information about the fly tipping incident at Uddens Plantation to come forward and contact them on 0300 067 4601.

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