Former carpenter died from mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos

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Former carpenter died from mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos

A former carpenter died from mesothelioma after exposure to asbestos, according to an inquest recently held at Taunton Coroners Court.

Mr Kenneth Stennard died last July aged 80.

He made statements before he died detailing his work as a carpenter and how he was exposed to asbestos over many years in the industry.

It was being exposed to asbestos over such a long period of time that led to him developing the deadly lung cancer, mesothelioma, which was diagnosed in August 2015.

The court heard his statements, and in one particular statement he described working as a carpenter and joiner for many different employers during the course of his life.

Mr Stennard said that his work involved cutting up asbestos sheets on a regular basis.

He explained how he was never advised to use any safety equipment or wear any protective clothing.

These asbestos sheets were commonly used in the construction industry during the 1960’s as roofing material.

Mr Stennard died less than one year following diagnosis

Mr Stennard began to suffer from the symptoms of  mesothelioma in the summer of 2015, which started with the initial shortness of breath.

A month after his symptoms began, he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, and just a year following this diagnosis he sadly died at his home in Highbridge in July 2016.

The senior Coroner for Somerset recorded that Mr Stennard died directly as a result of asbestos exposure, and his death was officially recorded as ‘death by industrial disease’.

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Published Nov 01, 2016

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