Inquest finds asbestos-link to death of club singer

Following the death of the well-known Wolverhampton club singer Colin Archer in March 2011, a coroner has ruled the his death was asbestos - related.

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An inquest ruled that Colin Archer’s death was asbestos –related and was due to his exposure to asbestos fibres during his many years employment as a tarmac welder. Tributes were paid to the well-known club singer from Wolverhampton who had suffered for around ten years with lung problems.

The inquest heard that a post mortem carried out on Mr. Archer showed he had a tumor on his lung. The coroner ruled that as his death was due to asbestosis and a tumor, and therefore an industrial disease. His daughter Jayne Edge recalled childhood stories he would tell them detailing his work with asbestos and although he was ‘very bubbly and was always happy, he really struggled towards the end’. Colin died in March 2011 aged 77 years and will be greatly missed by friends and family, and in the clubs of the Black Country in which he performed for many years.

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Published Dec 13, 2011

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