Management of Asbestos is Vital to Protect Employees and Customers

The University of Lincoln has been fined and ordered to pay costs, totaling £22, 759, after failing to implement the findings of a Asbestos Management Survey. Here at Armco Asbestos Consultants are fully aware of the risks of asbestos and can assist your company in the identification and management of asbestos, and the undertaking of any remedial works.

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The University of Lincoln has been fined £10,000, and ordered to pay £12,759 costs, after it admitted leaving students and staff at risk of exposure to asbestos. The university failed to take adequate steps to tackle asbestos found in four of its buildings, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) heard. An independent Asbestos Management Survey had been undertaken and remedial works to manage the asbestos had been advised but these necessary steps had not been implemented, the HSE was told.

The failings came to light when a lecturer noticed “strange” dust around a broken door handle, in February 2010. ‘The university had an asbestos management plan but had failed to follow it and failed to take appropriate steps to manage the risks associated with asbestos over a number of years, putting staff, students and contractors at risk of potential’ the HSE warned. Management have assured the HSE that Lincoln University said it had since made its buildings safe and said it had since updated and modernised its policies and procedures and all of its premises were now compliant with current regulations.

Here at Armco Asbestos Consultants we offer an asbestos removal service for all types of ACM’s ranging from non-licensed floor tiles to the higher risk A.I.B and pipe lagging which require a special license. All removals undertaken by Armco adhere to the asbestos health and safety regulations and are carried out under fully controlled conditions. In addition, we can undertake surveys of properties both to manage asbestos and identify asbestos before refurbishment or demolition takes place.

Armco offers a various training courses. The ½ Asbestos Awareness training session would educate tradesmen so that situations as described above are less likely to happen. Attendees on the course are taught: the history of asbestos; the properties of asbestos and its effects on health; the types, uses and likely occurrence of asbestos in buildings and plant; what asbestos looks like; and the general procedures to be followed to deal with an emergency.

We also provide Works With Non-Licensed ACM’s Training is made up of the Asbestos Awareness ½ day session in the morning and followed by an afternoon session of working with ACM’s. Point covered include how to make suitable and sufficient assessments of the risk of exposure to asbestos; the control limit, the appropriate choice and use of respiratory and personal protective equipment, decontamination procedures, work which requires an HSE license, ·emergency procedures and waste handling procedures. Please note that we also offer a respiratory mask face fitting service.

Armco’s training sessions are held by fully qualified and time-served surveyors whom deliver the class as an oral presentation with power point slides and written material. The candidates are presented with a certificate which lasts a year and Armco also provides the necessary yearly refresher training session.  Please contact the office for a competitive quote for any of your asbestos needs on 0161 763 3727 or email

Published Dec 06, 2011

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