Rochdale Council responds to questions regarding former asbestos factory

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Rochdale Council responds to questions regarding former asbestos factory

As reported in Rochdale online, there was a meeting about the former Turner Brothers Asbestos site which took place on Thursday 22nd September 2016 at Spotland Methodist Church.

Following this meeting, it was reported that the answers to some previously unanswered questions had been revealed.

A team was put together by the landowner in order to carry out an investigation into the former asbestos factory on Spodden Hill, Rochdale.

This team is known as the TBA Project Team and consists of a council officer from Public Health, a Contaminated Land Officer, the council media team, a representative from the Home and Communities Agency, four representatives from RSK, and Paul Johnson, representing the landowner, from Renshaw Properties Ltd.

The team does not consist of any councillors or local residents.

The TBA Project Team has been put together to communicate between the landowner and the residents about the investigation being carried out on the site.  They then must report their findings back to the landowner as he has commissioned a report of the site.

Landowner paying for investigation costs

Rochdale Borough Council initially planned to pay approximately half of the investigation costs, according to a report last year.  But this is now no longer the case because the landowner is now funding the whole cost of the investigation.

The Council have instead paid for all the brochures, dedicated website and the meeting itself.

The brochures came at a cost of £250 and the room hired for the meeting cost £60.

The Director of the project, Paul Johnson, said on behalf of Renshaw Properties Ltd, “Currently, we are exploring the site to see what can be done with it, rather than leaving it.”

Project Manager and Principal of RSK, Neil Coyne, said, “The proposed plan locations may change but some of the previous testing sites will be still be there. We plan to retest these excavation boreholes to understand current conditions of the site in the same spots.”

“We want to get a full picture of the site; there are gaps in the existing history and we want to plug these gaps with results from this investigation.”

“The tests we have now provide better detection of substances in the soil and water, and the improved techniques of today will provide more detailed information than previous results.”

Tests to be carried out on site

At the meeting that was held, a map marking the locations of where tests were to be carried out was handed out to the attendees.

The tests to be carried out at the site are to include checking slope stability, sampling ground water and sampling surface water from the River Spodden where it enters and leaves the site, and checking for the presence of asbestos in shallow and deep soil.

Also, dust particles and fibers in the air are going to be measured because of the site’s history.

Samples taken will check for things like heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds and oils.

The whole site will be surveyed and tests carried out with samples taken over the course of 3 weeks in October 2016.

Rochdale Council have been contacted to answer further questions that the public have as a result of the meeting that took place.  These questions include:-

As of yet, the council have not responded to any of the above questions.


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Published Oct 10, 2016

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