Sea King helicopter staff asbestos exposure warning

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Asbestos exposure warning issued to Military staff

The Ministry of Defence have issued an asbestos exposure warning to Military staff who have worked on Sea King helicopters.

They are going through the process of urgently removing parts thought to contain asbestos from all their aircraft.

It is thought that thousands of engineers could be affected, although pilots are not thought to be at any risk.

Since Sea King aircraft have been operating for almost 50 years, so the MOD have the huge task of trying to get in touch with all people who worked for them since the very start.

A spokeperson for the MOD said,”Any remaining items in service that Sea Kings suspect to contain asbestos are being removed urgently and we are contacting those who may have been exposed in the past, detailing the actions they should take.”

“The safety of our personnel and our partners is always our highest priority. All Sea King items suspected to contain asbestos have been removed from stores.”

The MOD are also contacting and advising any foreign governments and civilian organisations which may have purchased UK military Sea Kings in the past.


Official report into technician’s death behind warning

An Australian serviceman who worked on a naval base died as a result of asbestos exposure, petrol or other toxins, according to an official report.

Greg Lukes worked as an avionics technician and maintained Sea Kings in New South Wales.

He died four years ago from a rare cancer, possibly caused by asbestos exposure while working with Sea Kings.

As such, a link has been made and the MOD have taken the decision to issue a warning and remove possible asbestos containing parts from all aircraft with immediate effect.

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