Supervisor receives fine for exposing workers to asbestos

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Supervisor receives fine for exposing workers to asbestos

A supervisor receives fine for exposing workers to asbestos fibers whilst on a licensed asbestos removal job……..

Alan Burdett who worked for Asbestos Decontamination Services Limited of Erdington, Birmingham, admitted to the safety breach and was sentenced accordingly.

The Health and Safety Executive had initially received a complaint that claimed Alan Burdett was endangering others by allowing them into a sealed asbestos enclosure.

The people entering the enclosure were at great risk as they wore no protective clothing such as face masks or overalls.

The incident took place at the vacant Raleigh House, Discovery Park, Stockport, where he was supervising asbestos ceiling removal.

Following an investigation by the HSE, they discovered that a large amount of metal framework, which was contaminated with asbestos, had been stacked and left to one side in the building.

The metal hadn’t been sealed to prevent the asbestos fibers from escaping into the air.

Culprit secretly filmed

Manchester Magistrates Court  heard how Mr Burdett had been secretly filmed allowing his workers to enter the asbestos enclosure without wearing any suitable protection.

Alan Burdett pleaded guilty to the charges at Manchester Magistrates Court.

He received a sentence of 6 months imprisonment, which was suspended for 18 months, and was fined £1,500.00 and ordered to pay costs of £3,000.00.

Following on from the case, Matt Greenly from the HSE said, “Alan Burdett totally failed in his duty to protect himself and his workers from a foreseeable risk of serious harm from asbestos fibers.”

“Although he was qualified and experienced he chose to completely ignore the risks from asbestos and in doing so has exposed several people to a risk of developing an deadly disease at some point in the future. As an asbestos supervisor he was in a trusted position and he has abused this trust.”

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Published Feb 01, 2017

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