UKATA approved Asbestos Awareness and Works with Works with Non-Licensed Asbestos Containing Materials Training – 23rd September 2013

Asbestos awareness training is mandatory for those whom are likely to come into contact with asbestos whilst undertaking their daily work tasks.

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Armco are holding a UKATA approved Asbestos Awareness and Works with Non-Licensed Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) training session at Bury Business, Centre, Kay Street, Bury, Greater Manchester on Monday, 23rd September  2013.

Asbestos Awareness training is mandatory for any worker whom is likely to uncover asbestos in their work tasks, specifically working on houses built before the year 2000 (Regulation 10 of The Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012). The cost of this course is £65 per person plus VAT. This includes information on the history of asbestos, what is looks like and, when and how it was used in building.

The attendee would be taught how it identify asbestos and the correct procedure to follow to deal with asbestos correctly. We are also offering that day, Works with Non-Licensed ACM’s training which is made up of the ½ day Asbestos Awareness, followed by a half day session covering remedial works and removals of non-licensed ACM’s. This allows delegates to be considered competent in the removal/remediation of these asbestos containing material’s which have been deemed low risk by the Health and Safety Executive. The cost of this is £175 per person plus VAT.

We also offer a respiratory half mask face fitting service for £35 per person plus VAT, which is reduced to £25 per person plus VAT when booked in conjunction with one of the above referenced courses.

For further information on your legal requirements for asbestos related training, please see the following website:


The training is provided by fully qualified and friendly professionals in the form of an oral presentation with power point slides and printed handouts.

Our UKATA approved courses are provided under licence from our training partners UK Asbestos Specialists Ltd. The course is tutor led by a UK Asbestos Specialists Ltd registered trainer, certification will be administered and issued by UK Asbestos Specialists Ltd.

Contact the Armco office on 0161 761 4424 for further details.

Published Sep 04, 2013

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