Johnson & Johnson hit back at asbestos report

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New report claims Johnson & Johnson hid evidence of asbestos in talc

Johnson & Johnson are denying a new asbestos report that says they deliberately hid evidence of asbestos in their talc.

The company have been in the headlines a lot recently due to claims that their talc contains asbestos and has caused ovarian cancer in women.

As a consequence, shares in the company have dropped by almost $40 billion, and they are not taking this lightly.

In response to the asbestos report, they are set to release a national ad campaign on Monday 24th December 2018.

This campaign sets out to demonstrate to the public that their talc products are perfectly safe, and this can be backed by scientific research.

Reuters disagree though and had reported that the company have known for years that their products contain asbestos.

They claim Johnson & Johnson’s baby powders have tested positive at times for traces of asbestos from 1971 right the way through to the early 2000s.

Johnson & Johnson also fighting legal cases

Besides wanting to reassure their consumers about their talc products, the company is also fighting numerous legal cases as more than 10,000 claims are going through the courts saying that their baby powders have caused cancer.

The majority of these cases involve women suffering from ovarian cancer.

Johnson and Johnson state there is no scientific evidence to back the claims that their baby powder causes cancer.

There have been several recent court cases against Johnson & Johnson which they have won, and they are appealing against other claims against them.

This includes $4.6 billion that was awarded to 22 women in July who claimed their ovarian cancer was caused by their baby powder.

In response to these cases, the company said, “Studies of tens of thousands of women and thousands of men show that talc does not cause cancer or asbestos related disease.”

Asbestos report claims disputed by Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson deny their talc contains asbestos

Analyst reports sent to news outlets

As well as releasing a statement to the press, Johnson & Johnson also enlisted the help of a public relations firm to compile several analysts’ reports that rubbished the asbestos report claims, and sent them to various news outlets.

Cases against the company have increased over the last quarter where there were 11,700 plaintiffs in comparison to 9,100 in the previous period.

If you visit the company’s website, they have today issued a video featuring their Chairman and CEO, Alex Gorsky, about how confident they are in the safety of their talc products. 

Will this be enough to convince their consumers though?

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Published Dec 18, 2018
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