Construction company prosecuted for non licensed asbestos work

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Company fined £250,000 for non licensed asbestos work on business centre

A construction company based in Norwich have been taken to court and prosecuted for carrying out non licensed asbestos work.

Y Construction Ltd were fined £250,000 following an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive.

The company first started refurbishment works in April 2015 on Rose Lane Business Centre, which included work on a former kitchen and canteen.

As part of the HSE’s investigation, they discovered that asbestos exposure was prevalent during the later phase of refurbishment.

Workers were not made aware of any asbestos on site and hadn’t been given any asbestos awareness training.

Also, the investigation revealed that there hadn’t been a demolition and refurbishment survey completed before the refurbishment project started.

The HSE subsequently arranged their own asbestos survey to be carried out a the premises.

This asbestos survey revealed a huge amount of asbestos debris existing on the ground floor of the building.

Construction company prosecuted for non licensed asbestos work at Rose Lane Business Centre

But despite the asbestos survey findings and recommendations, the contractor went ahead and carried out non licensed asbestos work and cleaned the debris by way of dry sweeping and vacuuming the area concerned.

Norwich Magistrates Court found the defendant, Y Construction Ltd, guilty of breaching Regulations 8(1), 10(1) and 11(1) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

They received a hefty fine totaling £250,000 and were also ordered to pay costs amounting to £6,512.88.

HSE comment on the case

Kasia Urbaniak, HSE inspector,  said afterwards, “The dangers associated with asbestos, including licensed asbestos, are well known and a wealth of advice and guidance is freely available from the HSE website.”

“Companies should be aware that the HSE will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action against those that fall below the required standards.”

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