HSE Beware Asbestos Campaign.

The HSE launched a health and safety campaign to advise tradespeople of the dangers of asbestos due to findings that 20 tradespeople die each week from exposure to asbestos.

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With the recent incidents relating to asbestos and its health and safety it is important to teach people about the dangers and keep the exposure of the effects of asbestos publicised. Although it was banned in 2000, asbestos still poses a major threat to health and safety.

In October last year the HSE (health and safety executive) launched a new safety campaign along with their new Beware Asbestos app for phones, tablets and laptops which was designed to help tradesmen and construction workers identify where they could potentially come into contact with asbestos. Around 20 tradespeople die each week due to asbestos related disease.

A survey for the HSE carried out by Censuswide, showed that construction workers, decorators and carpenters are likely to be exposed to asbestos containing material (ACM’s) over 100 times each year. The findings of the surveys showed that tradespeople are not fully aware on the facts surrounding asbestos.

Only 15% of people were aware that asbestos could still be a risk in building constructed up to the year 2000. 53% of those questioned thought asbestos was likely to be present in buildings constructed only before 1970.

Only 30 of people asked were able to identify all the correct measures in order to safely work with asbestos. 57% made a potentially lethal mistake when attempting to answer questions on how to stay safe.

Some tradesmen could identify ACM’s, but 19% of people questions were not aware it could be found in more common fixtures ie. Toilet seats.

The HSE campaign is to encourage trades people to think about asbestos risks in each job and the web app is a key feature of the campaign which allows tradespeople to identify where they could potentially have contact with asbestos throughout their day to day work, giving them help dealing with risks.

The app gives a set out questions to follow and gives you tips on how to best deal with the job, the app can be found here;


Whilst the app is a great help and raises awareness, to be qualified and adhere to the HSE regulations you will need to complete training. At Armco we offer comprehensive training covering the following;

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Published Jan 28, 2015

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