Work With Non Licensed Asbestos Training

Work With Non Licensed Asbestos

Non licensed asbestos training

This customised Non Licensed Asbestos Training course provides you with the knowledge and training to enable you or your employees to work safely with all manner of Non licensed ACM’s (Asbestos containing material).

The Non licensed asbestos training course is critical to ensure you are adhering to the Control of Asbestos regulations 2012 that prevents anyone working with ACM’s unless they have had the correct training.

We provide training for people who carry out work with asbestos that does not require a licence, e.g. maintenance workers and their supervisors, in addition to basic awareness training.

Our Non Licensed Asbestos Training course incorporates the training requirements set out in the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L143, Reg 10 (Paras 129 – 131) and HSG 210 ‘Asbestos Essentials Task Manual’

This course covers the following topics:

Non licensed asbestos training course - armco asbestos training

Face fit testing (a new legislative requirement) can also be bolted onto this works with non licensed asbestos containing materials training course.

This ensures masks are correctly fit and are protection your staff.

Contact us

For more information or to inquire about our Non licensed asbestos training course, please contact us on 0161 761 4424 or complete the contact form opposite and one of our team will contact you shortly.

Or perhaps you need an asbestos survey? Whether you need an asbestos management survey, or a refurbishment demolition survey, contact us on 0161 763 3727 or by visiting our asbestos surveys website


As well as our non licensed asbestos training, we also offer a number of online training courses covering health and safety in the workplace.

For more details on these courses, please click here.


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