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Asbestos Removal Regulations

Are you aware of the regulations on asbestos removal? Did you know there are very strict guidelines surrounding the subject of asbestos removal? Are you a construction/building company or related trade? Owner or manager of a building, or even an employer with a duty to manage asbestos on your premises? Then make sure you know […]

Read the full article | Published Feb 26, 2019

Schools with asbestos

Schools with asbestos failing to report details A group of MP’S are seriously concerned about schools with asbestos in England not reporting details of asbestos to the government. All schools were requested to provide details of asbestos in their buildings to the government by May 31st last year. However, It has been reported that almost […]

Read the full article | Published Jan 30, 2019

Johnson & Johnson hit back at asbestos report

New report claims Johnson & Johnson hid evidence of asbestos in talc Johnson & Johnson are denying a new asbestos report that says they deliberately hid evidence of asbestos in their talc. The company have been in the headlines a lot recently due to claims that their talc contains asbestos and has caused ovarian cancer […]

Read the full article | Published Dec 18, 2018

Occupational lung disease

Occupational lung disease – the facts Occupational lung disease within the construction industry is a huge problem and we need to do more about it. 3,000 construction workers suffer every year from breathing difficulties and lung problems, caused by their work. Construction workers are often exposed to dust, fumes and other hazardous substances that over […]

Read the full article | Published Dec 12, 2018

Asbestosis sufferer warns against proposed residential development

Man with asbestosis says others could develop same condition if new homes built A man from the Isle of Wight who is suffering from asbestosis has warned other locals could develop asbestosis if a proposed local housing development goes ahead. 12 new homes are set to be constructed after permission was recently granted by The […]

Read the full article | Published Dec 05, 2018

Talc cancer Johnson and Johnson trial – new jury fails to reach verdict

Jury fails to reach verdict in talc cancer Johnson and Johnson trial A Jury in South Carolina have failed to reach a verdict in the retrial of a talc cancer Johnson and Johnson case. The case being heard is that of a woman who died from asbestos related cancer due to long term use of […]

Read the full article | Published Nov 26, 2018

Causes of a mesothelioma cough

One of the common symptoms of mesothelioma is the mesothelioma cough. It affects nearly half of all mesothelioma patients. But what causes it?

Read the full article | Published Nov 18, 2018

Council to remove asbestos from development site in South Ribble

Lancashire Council advertise for contractor to remove asbestos from Cuerden site The wheels are in motion for Lancashire County Council to remove asbestos from a development site in South Ribble. Asbestos sheeting was uncovered over the summer on the Cuerden development site, which is just off the M65/M6 interchange. It was discovered amongst tonnes of other […]

Read the full article | Published Nov 13, 2018

Asbestos related lung cancer

Asbestos related lung cancer deaths on a par with mesothelioma deaths After tobacco smoking, asbestos is up there as being one of the main causes of lung cancer, and asbestos related lung cancer death rates are now on a par with those of mesothelioma. Historically, it has been very difficult to pinpoint the causes of individual […]

Read the full article | Published Nov 05, 2018

What is asbestos made of

Ever wondered what asbestos is made of? Asbestos is in the headlines a lot nowadays because of its association with deadly diseases such as mesothelioma, and we are often asked the question ‘what is asbestos made of?’ So to answer your question, we’ve decided to put this informative article together. Asbestos is a naturally occurring […]

Read the full article | Published Oct 29, 2018
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