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Bolton nightclub owner fined over asbestos exposure

Bolton nightclub owner fined over asbestos exposure A Bolton nightclub owner fined over asbestos exposure has been sentenced, after he admitted failure to carry out a survey for asbestos before starting on the refurbishment of a local nightclub. Manchester Magistrates Court heard how UK Night Life Limited and its sole Director, Charles John McGrath, undertook […]

Read the full article | Published Nov 09, 2016

Navy Veterans die from asbestos exposure

Navy Veterans die from asbestos exposure A coroner has confirmed that two Navy veterans from Devon died as a direct result of being exposed to asbestos in the workplace. An inquest was held on the 13th September at South Molton town hall. 81 year old William Henry Prior, from Barnstaple, died on March 23rd at […]

Read the full article | Published Oct 18, 2017

SSE Hornsea asbestos

Asbestos exposure of employees lands company in hot water Energy providers SSE Hornsea have recently been given a slap on the wrists following asbestos exposure to employees and contractors. SSE Hornsea received a court fine of £300,000 after it was revealed that 13 employees and maintenance contractors had been exposed to white asbestos. The fine […]

Read the full article | Published Jan 24, 2018

Woman battling Mesothelioma cancer turns to colleagues for help

Mesothelioma cancer sufferer seeks answers on how she contracted disease Elizabeth Oliver has made an appeal to her former work colleagues at Wedgewood to help her in her quest to identify how she contracted terminal mesothelioma cancer. She was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer in February last year after having suffered three chest infections in a […]

Read the full article | Published Apr 10, 2018

American couple awarded compensation for asbestos in talcum powder

Banker and wife receive payout in successful court case against Johnson & Johnson A couple from New Jersey, USA, have successfully won the first trial of it’s kind in the state against Johnson & Johnson for asbestos in talcum powder. Stephen Lanzo and his wife Kendra received $37 million in damages after Stephe’s’ claims he […]

Read the full article | Published Apr 11, 2018

Asbestos ignorance risks more asbestos deaths according to new IOSH survey

IOSH survey reveals asbestos ignorance causing deaths in construction According to a recent survey conducted by IOSH, asbestos ignorance is going to lead to more deaths. Figures from the survey show that 1 in 4 construction workers believe they may have been exposed to asbestos fibers whilst at work. This means they will be at greater […]

Read the full article | Published Apr 12, 2018

Do you know if there is asbestos in your house? Tips on what to look for

Signs that you may have asbestos in your house You will no doubt have heard of asbestos and know about the risk it poses to our health, but how can you tell if you have asbestos in your house? It’s quite easy to detect the presence of asbestos in your house. Below is a useful […]

Read the full article | Published Apr 16, 2018

9/11 ferry boat hero dies from likely asbestos related cancer

45 year old’s death from cancer being attributed to asbestos exposure In the years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, thousands who were there have since died of mesothelioma and other asbestos related cancer. 45-year-old ferry boat captain, Thomas Phelan, has been the latest […]

Read the full article | Published Apr 16, 2018

Family of man who died from Asbestos illness call for workplace safety to be made priority

Lawyers and family of asbestos victim issue plea to employers A former asbestos removal worker’s family and lawyers say they urged his employers to mark Workers’ Memorial Day by renewing their commitment to health and safety following his illness and death two years ago from mesothelioma. The event took place on the 28th April. The […]

Read the full article | Published May 08, 2018

Family makes emotional appeal after father’s death from mesothelioma

Death from mesothelioma – family appeal for help after father’s death The family of an elderly man from South Wales are appealing for help from the public and his ex work colleagues after his death from mesothelioma. Mr Vivian Jones died aged 85 from the asbestos related cancer on the 31st July 2016. He had previously […]

Read the full article | Published May 21, 2018
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