Asbestos cancer nurse is 1st to be appointed in UK

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A Southampton hospital have appointed the UK’s 1st ever asbestos cancer nurse

The UK has now appointed it’s first ever asbestos cancer nurse.

Specialist nurse, Helen Wilkes, has been employed by Southampton general hospital.

She will be caring for patients suffering from asbestos cancer.

As a specialist asbestos cancer nurse with 10 years experience, Helen will be looking after those patients located in and around Southampton and Portsmouth, central and southern England, as well as the Channel Islands and Falklands.

Helen will also be working with local support groups in order to help raise awareness of asbestos related diseases such as mesothelioma, and will advise on treatments available and opportunities to join clinical trials.

She will be the primary clinical contact for the cancer charity, Mesothelioma UK.

The UK's 1st ever asbestos cancer nurse - Helen Wilkes

Asbestos cancer Nurse speaks about her new role

Helen spoke about her new role as asbestos cancer nurse for Southampton general hospital.

She said, “I’m delighted to be given this opportunity to join the growing Mesothelioma UK nursing team,”

“This role is hugely important given the particularly high incidences of mesothelioma and exposure to asbestos that we’ve seen from patients in the local area with people employed at the dockyards, based here during navy service or at the power station in Fawley.”

Speaking about the UK’s 1st ever asbestos cancer nurse, head of services for Mesothelioma UK, Liz Darlison, said, “Helen’s appointment takes our UK nursing team up to 18 now with more planned.”

“The industrial nature of mesothelioma means that patients and their carers often have complex benefit and compensation claims to process and the process can be even more complex for armed forces personnel as their benefit and compensation entitlements differ.”

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