Asbestos in youth club

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Asbestos in youth club forces temporary relocation

A youth club has temporarily relocated due to the discovery of asbestos within the school they use for their activities.

Chiltern Edge School in Sonning Common, Oxfordshire, is the home of Sonning Common youth Club SC.

The youth club meets in the space above the sports hall where it has a pool table and table football for the youths to enjoy.

During a recent inspection of the building, asbestos was discovered in the room used by the youth club.

It is estimated that it will take up to eight weeks to make the area safe.

The youth club has been relocated to the war memorial hall, in Gallowstree Road, Peppard, until mid July.

Philip Collings, Parish clerk, said that it may be better having the hall as the youth club venue long term anyway.

Asbestos in youth club - Chiltern Edge school Sonning Common

While the asbestos removal works are carried out, the youths continue to meet at the hall.

Years nine, ten and eleven children meet on Tuesday evenings and years six, seven and eight children meet on Wednesday evenings.

A few local councillors are concerned about the youth club’s future as the school is set to become an academy in August 2018 as part of the the Maiden Erlegh Trust.

Douglas Kedge, one of the local Councillors said, “We won’t get that standard of space that is only for us again.  I can’t see the club prospering without the space. We must fight for it.”

Leigh Rawlins, another Councillor said, “We are hoping for quite a good partnership with the school but this is not an encouraging beginning.”

Barrie Greenwood, said, “I think that in the long term we need to be mindful of the neighbourhood plan.”

“We have community relationships with providers like the school and I hope we are able to maintain these.  It’s in the interest of the school and the residents for the good relationship to be maintained.”

Moira Green , Chiltern Edge headteacher, spoke about the asbestos removal.

Ms Green said, “It’s on a list of jobs we are going to do.”

“In the older buildings there is often asbestos.”

“Where asbestos has been identified it takes longer to do the job than normal.  You have to protect staff and work in a different way.

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