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School asbestos incident at Aberdeen academy

School asbestos was forgotten about for five days Reports from BBC Scotland say that a school in Aberdeen allowed twenty five people back onto the school premises following the disturbance of asbestos. The people were allowed back into the school due to a series of failures in dealing with the school asbestos incident. Aberdeen’s Bridge […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 21, 2018

Asbestos in crayons

Report details school supplies containing toxic substances including asbestos in crayons A report issued in the U.S by a public interest group revealed asbestos in crayons used by schools. The US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund tested 27 school products in an independent laboratory and found asbestos in Playskool crayons. Author of the report, […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 15, 2018

Asbestos containing products allowed in US manufacturing again

The EPA have introduced new rule allowing asbestos back into manufacturing Asbestos containing products have yet to be completely banned in the U.S, despite a move towards a ban by placing significant restrictions on the deadly substance. However, in what is described as a step backwards, the U.S have now allowed asbestos to be used […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 07, 2018

Exposure to asbestos kills father of five

56 year old man dies from exposure to asbestos A father of five diagnosed with sarcomatois mesothelioma, an aggressive asbestos related cancer, died just 7 months following his diagnosis. An inquest heard how the 56 year old man, Walter Frederick Kendall, died as a direct result of exposure to asbestos. Walter had worked at Paragon Wallpaper […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 07, 2018

Damages awarded to former electrician following mesothelioma diagnosis

£140,00 provisional damages settlement for mesothelioma patient A former bus company electrician has received a provisional damages award of £140,000 following a mesothelioma diagnosis. The man worked for the bus company, Thames Valley Traction Company from 1948 right through to 1973. He started work there in 1948 as an apprentice and then became an electrician. […]

Read the full article | Published Aug 01, 2018
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